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Organizing and promoting farrier excellence at the local level

FAWS seeks to improve the quality of craftsmanship and standard of ethics within the association through the organization of and participation in clinics, conventions and mentorship relationships. 


FAWS promotes excellence in the art and science of farriery.  Clinics and conventions provide a medium for horseowners, veterinarians, farriers and other related parties to share their knowledge and skills.   


FAWS strives to create a medium for the resolution of problems related to the practice of farriery for the concern, interest, and betterment of the entire horse industry. The association does not regulate or interfere with any farrier's clientele, territory, or pricing. 

Help us spread the word "FAWS" to the community by becoming a member 

When you become a member of FAWS you not only build the community of farriers within Washington State, you invest in the future of your business.  Besides continued education, FAWS members receive a series of benefits with their membership.  For a complete list of benefits follow the link below.


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